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Empowering Impact

Opening Space For Empowering Impact

Empowering Impact in Organisations

Effective meetings - empowering people - team engagement - impactful results

We are living in world of accelerating, often overwhelming and disruptive change. To survive and thrive as leaders and organizations, it is more important than ever to build your capacity to engage group wisdom in solving complex problems and creating new innovative opportunities.

WisdomWays provides group facilitation  services, coaching   and training for  highly effective meetings that empower people,  expand team engagement  and get impactful results. We specialize in the Open Space Technology method.



Genuine Contact Medicine Wheel Tool 

LEAD with authenticity from your inner power with the clarity of your purpose, values & strengths.

Coaching and Mentoring

WisdomWays coaching and mentoring services assist you in owning your authentic brilliance to lead and develop high impact teams!

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Assessments


Collaborative Comversations - Group Facilitation

 ENGAGE the wisdom of your entire team in collaborative, effective meetings to maximize results.

Group Facilitation

WisdomWays expert group facilitation will engage and empower your teams in effective meetings to collaborate in achieving your organizational goals.

Open Space Technology Facilitation

Hire a Meeting Facilitator

Online Meeting Facilitator



Cultural Capacity

BUILD team capacity and cultural alignment so that your people and organization are wired for success!

 Facilitation Training & Assessments

 WisdomWays facilitation training and culture assessment tools will assist you in building the internal capacity for collaborative, effective teams.

Culture Assessment Tools 

Meeting Facilitation Training

Open Space Technology Training

High Impact Meetings - Instant Access


In this FREE video e-Course, learn 5 Key Elements to be aware of in leading meetings. We'll demonstrate empowering methods to engage people in-person or online.

Collaborative, empowering meetings are a step away.

Start now and make your impact!

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Open Space Technology Training


Learn how to facilitate the Open Space method - a simple, engaging meeting method that opens up group wisdom, collaboration and creativity with surprising results.

In this interactive, experiential online Open Space Technology training you will learn how to facilitate this method in both the in-person and virtual environments. 

Starts Online March 21, 2018Learn More

CollaborativeWays - Real Online Collaboration


Do you need an experienced online facilitator for your next global meeting or conference? CollaborativeWays specializes in online collaboration for widespread organizations and teams. 

CollaborativeWays can provide the online space(s), consult with you on the meeting design to fit your objectives, skilled facilitators, technical support and online facilitator training

Learn more about CollaborativeWaysExperience Real Online Collaboration!


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WisdomWays assists individuals and organizations to unlock their potential, authentic power and wisdom to create  extraordinary experiences, impact and success.  Build your capacity to thrive with change!


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